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Tammy Cornell



Welcome to Ms. Tammy’s Green Room!

     Ms. Judy and I are very excited to welcome you to our class. We have been busy getting everything ready to start the year. I am sure that your family has been busy too! This is a note to let you know a little bit about our program, as well as, some important information about each day.

          At school, your child will learn in a variety of ways, including large and small group time, hands-on manipulative and play. I will introduce beginning skills in math, language arts, science, social studies, and art throughout the year. In addition, your child will take part in Physical Education, Science, Music, and Art.

 (A copy of our class schedule is attached for you to look over.)

          Our K4 door opens at 8:00a.m.  School begins @ 8:25a.m. If your child does not ride a bus, drop offs at the Kindergarten building will only be open from 8:00am to 8:25am. Any time before or after those times you will need to drop them off at the front office (before 8:00am or after 8:25am) they will go to the cafeteria where they will find an assistant waiting there to escort your child to our classrooms. The doors to our building will remain locked all day. If you need to come in, you will have to visit the front office and obtain a visitor pass.

          We will eat breakfast and lunch together as a class in the cafeteria every day. Your child may bring a meal from home at any time. Also, I will send home a monthly snack list with your child’s designated day to bring snacks (August’s snack list is attached.)

          At 3:15 a K4 teacher & assistant will walk your child to their bus. OR if your child is a pick up you will need to go to the Kindergarten building at 3:10pm. If at any time your child’s routine changes (ex: different bus/pick-up procedure), you must let the office know by note or telephone. Call no later than 2:00.

          We are here to learn and have fun and we all know that’s hard to do when we become sick. School policy states that if a child is running a fever, has diarrhea, or is vomiting, he/she should not be sent to school. This applies even if he/she has had medicine before school.

          I hope your child has a wonderful experience this year. If at any time you would like to visit with me, you may leave a message with the school at 253-4413 and I will get back to you. Also, please look for my memos that I will send home each month (August is attached) for important information. Together we can help your child have an excellent year!

Thank you

Ms. Tammy & Ms. Judy




Mission statement:

Jay Public Schools will ensure rigorous and relevant learning for students that develops confident and responsible citizens prepared for a global society.


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