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Daily Schedule

8:00-8:30     Breakfast & Morning Work, Break

8:30-8:55     Pledges, Morning Meeting 

8:55-9:15     Recess, Break

9:15-9:45     Walk to Read Interventions

9:45-11:15   Literacy Block (w/ breaks): Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics/Spelling, Independent Reading,                            Vocabulary, Shared Reading, Grammar, Writing

                    Mondays 11:00-11:45     Computer Lab

                    T, W, Th 11:15-11:45      Science or Social Studies

                    Fridays 10:00-10:30        Computer Lab, 11:15-11:45 Art or Extention Acitivty

11:45-12:05 Math Fact Fuency, Word Problem of the Day

12:05-12:55 Prepare for Lunch, Lunch, Recess, Break

12:55-1:45   Math Block: Math Talk, Lesson, Activities

                    Every other Monday 1:00-1:30     Library

                    Chapel once a month 12:45-1:15 

1:45-2:40    Specials 

2:40-3:00    Prepare for Dismissal, Bookworms (Read Aloud) 

3:00-3:10    Closing Circle

3:10-3:30    Release Students to Pick up areas, after school clubs,  &/or walk students to buses


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