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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

This schedule is guide for student distance learning.


Google Classroom/ Online Schedule

         There are daily assignments on Google Classroom.

Monday- Friday

(Times are all approximate.  Some items may take longer or shorter times listed.  If frustrated or unable to complete daily, do not worry about it.  Just try to do your best!)

         20 minutes-       Daily Math on Google Classroom

         30 minutes-       Reading/Spelling/Grammar/Vocabulary on Google Classroom

         30 minutes-       Drop everything and Read.  This can be a book, magazine, Epic, or any other way you like to read.

         20 minutes-       Study Island-Reading- Monday and Fridays

         20 minutes-       Study Island-Math- Tuesday and Thursdays

         20 minutes-       Prodigy/Freckle/any Math online games- M-F

         20 minutes-       Practice Cursive writing

         30 minutes-       Everyday go outside and play, ride a bike, or swing!


Schedule for Paper packet 

         (Students can complete this paper packet, just do the online work, or complete both.)

Daily Reading for 30 minutes a day.

                 Practice cursive writing daily.

                 Follow Calendar for Journal writings.

                 Daily write Multiplication facts 0-10 one time each.

                 Complete ELA pages for the corresponding day.

                 Complete Math pages for the corresponding day.


Post pictures on our Google Classroom Stream page.



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