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Class Overview

Kindergarten Websites:  Kindergarten has been working hard on several websites, including STARFALL and ROOMRECESS.


1st Grade Websites:  Along with Starfall our first graders us and PBSKids. 1st Grade has also started using a fun site called COOLMATH. 







2nd Grade Websites:  2nd Grade has been doing great and learning a lot about some new websites.  A couple of favorites have been PRODIGY and COOLMATH.


3rd Grade Websites:  Students at this level have access to all approved websites for 1st and 2nd Grade.  New websites are added to their "can do" list as the year goes along.  Cool Math is still a favorite but now that they have an account on PRODIGY.  On this Math Website students battle virtual pets by completing math problems.  If they answer correctly they when that battle.  We have also started playing BIGBRAINZ.  This is a math program downloaded to the harddrive of a computer.  The Upper ELem has been using it for years and have seen great success.  Check out to see what websites we have been using.