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The following are the standards that will be found on the OCCT 3rd grade test that your student will be taking in April.  Click on the link for practice problems for each of these standards.  The link at the end of this column includes copies of all of the problems along with answer key.

1.1 – Patterns

1.2 – Solve for Missing Numbers

1.3 – Properties of Multiplication

2.1 – Place Value

2.1b – Order Numbers

2.1b – Order Fractions

2.2  – Word Problems

2.2 – Word Problems – Multiplication

2.2b – Multiplication Problems

3.1 – Geometry

3.3 – Coordinate Grids

4.1 – Measurement

4.1 – Perimeter

4.2 – Time and Temperature

4.3 – Money

5.1 – Graphs

5.2 – Probability


Math Vocabulary

Academic vocabulary your student should know …

Place Value

Addition, Subtraction, Rounding


Use the links below to take practice tests for the 3rd Grade Reading Test to be given in April.  Don’t miss the vocabulary flashcards!


ELA Vocabulary

Use Quizlet and learn the important ELA vocabulary for 3rd grade!

Literature Vocabulary

Nonfiction Vocabulary